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Omscholingsregeling as of 1 October 2015

The time has come at last: we have a new Omscholingsregeling!
Although an earlier version was presented in 2014, not all the companies were happy with it. The Omscholingsregeling office took matters into its own hands at the request of both the NAPK, and the union FNV KIEM. Resulting in a new version of the scheme.
The new scheme will come into effect on 1 October 2015 and applies to all dancers who are not yet using the Omscholingsregeling.
You can read  about the options of the new scheme in more detail on the Retraining part of the website and in the next Newsletter. In the coming period, various information meetings will be organised. The meetings will be announced on this site and in the Newsletter. It's always possible to make an appointment as well if you would like to know more.





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The Next Step

Interviews with former dancers who are in the middle of their retraining program or share their experiences afterwards.




"When as a dancer it is time for a change, a lot of feeling of insecurity arises. The Omscholingsregeling gave me financial support and self confidence to face these new challenges." (Jérôme Meyer)