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Ransomeware incident

I&O Netsys is the automator of the Omscholingsregeling Dansers. Early February, they informed us that some of the computers in their data center had been hacked.

Cyber criminals have accessed their servers and encrypted the data on them with the main purpose of getting a ransom. I&O Netsys has been approached by the attackers with proposals for this. It wasn’t necessary to get into this, because they had backups of all data and those backups remained completely intact.

Most of the data from the Omscholingsregeling Dansers is stored on a server. The hackers have had access to this and thus to the personal data that ODN collects from its clients. In part, these are high-risk personal data.

According to I&O Netsys, however, the hackers were mainly about making ransom money and not about the data itself. In an email to the Omscholingsregeling, they stated: "Although we cannot rule out the possibility with 100% certainty, there are no indications that the attackers have accessed, viewed or downloaded the data on the network".

As a result of the ransomware attack, the Omscholingsregeling had no access to its own data for more than three weeks and their activities encountered severe delay.

I&O Netsys has now rebuilt the systems and the adverse consequences of the computer hack have been resolved.

Both I&O Netsys and the Omscholingsregeling have reported this incident to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

It goes without saying that we regret that this incident took place. We understand from I&O Netsys that they have taken the necessary measures to further promote safety.
ODN did receive from I&O Netsys a summary of their main observations regarding the ransomware attack. Upon request ODN will send this report.

Our advice to all our relations is to be aware of suspicious requests. If someone receives a message, communication or request from the retraining scheme that looks even slightly unusual, please contact the ODN office.

We apologize for the inconvenience.





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