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SECOND STAGE in Amsterdam

SECOND STAGE - Yesterday’s dancers in today’s life

AMSTERDAM – Photographer and (former) dancer Goran Turnšek shows portraits of former professional dancers. The exhibition runs from September 8th up to and including October 29th at Podium Mozaïek, Bos en Lommerweg 191, Amsterdam.

Second Stage shows photos of dancers after their performing life. Even though they changed careers, the dancer in them is still recognisable. Their bodies are still fit even though they stopped dancing, they just use it in different ways.

Goran: ‘I wanted to portray former dancers in their new careers. I find it intriguing and beautiful how dancers move in a characteristic way and how that is still visible after they terminated their dancing careers. That’s why I contacted the Omscholingsregeling Dansers (ODN). Thanks to this program dancers in the Netherlands can change their course in life. There is only a limited number of countries in the world that have this kind of support system. On the portraits you can see a lawyer and a fitness instructor, but also a midwife, piano teacher and a building contractor. This project has also helped me to leave my dancing career behind’.

Goran Turnšek was born in 1978 in Slovenia. He danced, among other, for Krisztina de Châtel, Piet Rogie and Nicole Beutler. During his dancing career he developed a special interest in the relation between dance and photography. The choice for a second career was therefore a natural one. Supported by the Omscholingsregeling he started studying at the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam, In 2015 he graduated with honours with his graduation project Jakob.

Second Stage was shown at de Nederlandse Dansdagen in Maastricht in October of 2016, as well as in Den Haag in Korzo Theater in December of the same year.

Photo: © Goran Turnšek, portrayed: choreographer Dario Tortorelli





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The Next Step

Interviews with former dancers who are in the middle of their retraining program or share their experiences afterwards.




"When as a dancer it is time for a change, a lot of feeling of insecurity arises. The Omscholingsregeling gave me financial support and self confidence to face these new challenges." (Jérôme Meyer)