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Two years of co-financing for tuition fees for a second Bachelor’s/Master’s degree

Since the 2012-2013 academic year, students wishing to obtain a second Bachelor’s or Master’s degree have had to pay more. They are no longer eligible for paying the legally set tuition fees, but have to pay the ‘institute tuition fees’. This sum is much higher than the legally set tuition fees and can amount to as much as € 9,000 per year! The government has introduced this measure in order to economise, but also to discourage the ‘eternal student’.

However, the measure also has serious consequences for dancers who have to retrain. Dancers who have obtained a Bachelor of Dance, have reached the end of their dancing career and wish to take another course at university or higher professional education level will get through their retraining budget much faster. Due to the introduction of the measure, the choice of a regular course at university or higher professional education level is often even precluded, because of the huge costs involved.
ODN has been working for a while already on trying to exempt dancers from this new ruling, and we have had a small success in this regard. This week, it was announced that Omscholing Dansers Nederland will be able to finance the institute tuition fees for dancers studying through the Omscholingsregeling in the academic years 2014/2015 and 2015/2016, through an extra contribution from the Ministry of Social Affairs.
In collaboration with the social partners and other funds from the cultural sector, a sector plan has been drawn up for the SZW Co-financing Scheme. This scheme is intended to promote long-term employment. See this 

As one of the measures for promoting long-term employment is education, ODN will be able to support ten dancers through financing the much higher tuition fees.

This scheme is just the first step, and it goes without saying that Omscholing Dansers Nederland will make every effort to find a long-term solution for this issue.

Dancers who are eligible for retraining via ODN and who are considering taking a regular course at university or higher professional education level, can contact us for more information via:





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The Next Step

Interviews with former dancers who are in the middle of their retraining program or share their experiences afterwards.




"When as a dancer it is time for a change, a lot of feeling of insecurity arises. The Omscholingsregeling gave me financial support and self confidence to face these new challenges." (Jérôme Meyer)