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Dance as a career entails an extraordinarily high level of commitment, passion, extensive periods of training, and a brief professional life.

Dancers usually receive oblique indications that their time is up, for example not being cast for roles they once danced, seeing younger dancers chosen in auditions or getting an unwanted injury.

This is a turning point for every dancer in the world.

“a dancer dies twice – once when they stop dancing, and this first death is the more painful.”

 – Martha Graham 

Some may feel as they have lost their ‘identity’ and if unprepared, dancers can find themselves making unwise choices simply out of insecurities, financial necessity or a lack of time and information.

But dancing is much more than the ability to dance. Dancers are disciplined, intelligent, creative, hard workers, team players and stress resilient. During their career they develop an enormous set of skills that are very useful in other areas.

What skills do you have as a dancer?

That’s why at ODN we offer both career counselling and financial support to help dancers realize their potential and provide them with the necessary tools to make a step within the dancing career or transition into a new one.

Dancers that are in the midst of their career can count on us if they want to start exploring their talents within or outside the dance world, but also if they have questions regarding contracts, residency permits, and unemployment benefits. Our goal is to offer everyone a helping hand regardless of whether their career has just started or nearing its end.

From the theatre to the delivery room

"The very existence of the Omscholingsregeling recognises the fact that someone has dedicated themselves to a life of dance."
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