Carlo Camagni ”Your freedom shouldn’t compromise your future”


In this article Carlo Camagni (34) talks about his personal journey as a freelance dancer and how he became the proud co-owner of a Gyrotonic studio. Carlo shares his insights, challenges, and aspirations.

Carlo Camagni, originally from Italy, came to the Netherlands about 10 years ago and has called the Netherlands his home ever since: ”I embarked on a freelance journey, taking my artistry across the Netherlands”.

Before coming to the Netherlands to focus on dance, he already had a degree in his pocket. In 2012, he graduated cum laude from the University of Bologna as a scientist in Energy Engineering. His passion for dance eventually won out and so he made the choice to audition at Codarts.

As a dancer Carlo worked with numerous companies. From smaller companies such as Dansnest, House of Makers or Vloeistof to bigger ones like Introdans and ICK Amsterdam.

In the course of the years, he realized he wanted to develop himself further and slowly his focus changed. Having always had an interest in the way the human body functions he started to explore the possibilities that Gyrotonics could offer and that clicked right away.

What he describes as a significant leap in his career, he recently opened his co-owned Gyrotonic studio in Amsterdam. His focus is centered on diving deeper into working with individuals, particularly in the realm of rehabilitation and holistic well-being. He is passionate about supporting the rehabilitation and well-being of others.

The support and guidance of the omscholingsregeling helped Carlo to handle the retraining process. He recognized the importance of preparing for a life beyond dance while still actively performing. As a result, he embraced the opportunity to study and refine his path with the support of his mentor, Paul, and the resources provided by ODN. Coaching sessions with the people of ODN proved invaluable; “It guided me through the challenges and unveiling new perspectives.”

Carlo’s introduction to ODN happened when he was working at ICKamsterdam, during a session where Paul Bronkhorst introduced the program to the company. That ignited a curiosity that set Carlo on an inspiring journey of self-discovery.

Being a freelancer, Carlo’s involvement with ODN presented its own challenges. Compared to dancers in stable company positions, freelancers had to make greater financial investments. Moreover, the unpredictable nature of freelance work occasionally meant losing opportunities, making the decision to invest in ODN less obvious. Nevertheless, Carlo is immensely grateful for the doors that opened as a result of his affiliation with ODN.

Carlo has some advice to his colleagues:

Empowering Freelancing Dancers: To my fellow freelancers contemplating retraining, I urge you to recognize the importance of organizations like ODN here in The Netherlands. Freelancers are acutely aware of the need to broaden their skill sets beyond dance, and ODN serves as a foundation to support their lives during and after their dance careers. The investment made in ODN yields substantial returns, acting as a safety net when one job comes to a close.

Embracing Dance Values for the Future: My dance career has ingrained within me an unwavering passion for the art of movement. This profound love for the body’s expression has been shaped through my dance experiences and my background in nuclear engineering. The amalgamation of logical analysis and the joy of exploring movement serves as a solid foundation for my current journey with the Gyrotonic technique.

If you are considering following some Gyrotonics, this is your sign: Check Carlo Camagni Studio in Amsterdam:




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