Daniel Montero: Beyond the Dance Stage



Daniel Montero Real’s journey transcends the boundaries of the dance stage. Coming from Santillana del Mar, Spain, Daniel left his hometown at fifteen to pursue ballet, eventually becoming a Grand Sujet at Het Nationale Ballet after a decade-long career.

In a significant shift, Daniel discovered a passion for singing six years ago, leading to the formation of his band and a newfound love for songwriting. Taking a bold step, he decided to take a year off from ballet, driven by a deep desire to find his musical identity, study music, and live experiences worth writing about. His decision was rooted in the need to meet other musicians and prioritize music, a venture he embraced for the first time in his life.

In his own words, Daniel shares, “A chat with Paul or Lieke would hurt nobody and might give you options and ideas you never thought possible. An organization like ODN is such a must for us. I wish the entire dance world would have the resources so every dancer could benefit from them.”

Recognizing that he is not just a dancer or a singer but an artist, Daniel felt the need to feed his artistry from a different angle.

Daniel’s journey led him to Los Angeles, where he enrolled in music studies, providing a fresh and exciting setting for the initial months of his year off. Immersed in a vibrant cultural and artistic environment, he met creatives, musicians, vocal coaches, and producers, expanding his horizons and gaining insights into the music industry.

Importantly, he emphasizes that he is not done with his career as a dancer, signaling a future where both dance and music coexist in his artistic journey.

Daniel: ‘’I encourage fellow dancers to follow their curiosity and explore second passions when the time feels right, embracing the opportunities that lie beyond the stage’’





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