Extra support for retraining

Minister Van Engelshoven supports dancers with an extra contribution to the Omscholingsregeling Dansers (ODN).

The dance sector is very pleased with the extra contribution that Ingrid van Engelshoven has promised to the Omscholingsregeling Dansers. It concerns an amount of € 500,000 to close the gap that has arisen because not all companies did not meet all their premium obligations in the past period.

ODN, or rather, the dance sector does not get the money just like that. The minister wants a solid agreement to be made between the companies and the trade union about premium payments to prevent financial problems from arising again in the future. The ministry stated clearly that it considers the new contributions to ODN as a part of Pair Practice.

Discussions are currently underway on how these agreements can be made and what the new premium level should be. The aim is also to ensure that the Omscholingsregeling will apply to the entire dance sector.

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