Financial support

ODN supports dancers through free career counselling and financial support to help them shape a new career path after the last bow. Every dancer is unique. ODN delivers customized support that fits your needs and moves with you. It’s possible to start studying during your dance career. Once you stop dancing and your retraining truly starts funds can be used for a maximum period of four years.

Criteria for financial support

To receive financial support a minimum number of premiums needs to be paid. The personal retraining budget grows the longer you contribute:

48 premiums in 5 years: € 20.000

96 premiums in 10 years: € 55.000

115 premiums in 12 years: € 75.000

Refund of study costs


As soon as you meet the criteria you can apply for a refund of study costs. Study costs include course or tuition fees, registration fees, books, materials, and travel expenses.

Income support

Under certain conditions it is possible to receive income support during studying. Sometimes it’s also possible to receive financial support when setting up a business.The amount of income support depends on what you need to fulfil your plans. These are customized plans, we are happy to think with you.

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