ODN is there for all dancers in the Netherlands.

Freelance dancers can participate in the scheme and save for retraining, just like company dancers.

And whether you participate or not, at any point in your dance career you can make an appointment with one of the career counselors for free advice and guidance.

Participating in the scheme is comparable to insuring yourself or building up a pension. During your dance career you pay premiums and as soon as you meet the premium requirement for financial support you can apply for reimbursement of the costs for your training plan.

Participation means that you pay a premium percentage to the scheme on your gross income from contracts as a dancer. That percentage is 9,25%. At the end of each year, ODN will provide you with an overview of the number of premiums accrued and you can decide to pay any additional premiums so that you can qualify earlier. If you do not want or cannot pay a premium for a year, that is no problem.

When you have paid 48 premiums, you can apply for a reimbursement for study costs. It is possible to make multiple requests.

At the end of your dancing career and when you have paid at least 96 premiums, you can apply for a study allowance and income. For example, it is possible to study with a monthly allowance during the course of study or receive financial support in setting up your own business. The allowance increases the longer you dance and therefore pay more premiums.

If you cannot meet the premium requirement because your dance career is not going as you expected, you cannot get the deposit back. Even if you decide not to retrain or not use the entire budget, you will not get the deposit back.

Have you decided to participate? We advise you to take the premium percentage into account in the price that you agree with your employer. Most employers in the Netherlands are familiar with ODN and also contribute to the scheme for their permanent employees.

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