How to participate

The doors of ODN are always open to every professional dancer. Careers advice is free of charge and dancers can make an appointment with our careers advisor to discuss questions about their current or future career. To receive financial support, dancers have to pay premiums.

Employed dancers

Dancers working for companies that come under the Collective Labour Agreement automatically pay premiums to ODN. Premiums are paid by both the dancer and the employer. The amount of the premium paid is a monthly contribution of 9,25% of the gross monthly salary, including holiday allowance. The employer pays 6,93% of the premium and the dancer pays the other 2,32%.

Freelance dancers

Freelance dancers and dancers who do not work for a company have the same rights to join ODN as company dancers. The dance company they temporarily work for pays 6,93% of the total premium amount and the dancer pays the 2,32% left every month. Curious if this might be something for you? Read more.

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