From the theatre to the delivery room

"The very existence of the Omscholingsregeling recognises the fact that someone has dedicated themselves to a life of dance."
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Daniel Hayward studied Sustainable Development at Utrecht University

"It is important that performers in the field stay abreast of their own rights for retraining."
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Femke Feddema is a now a primary school teacher

"I really wanted to take the decision to stop myself, rather than having to stop because of an injury, for example. The Omscholingsregeling’s support enabled me to start on a new chapter"
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New career in graphic design

"ODN creates all the ideal conditions for the seeds to grow to new heights"
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Starting my own translation agency

"A dancer always remains a dancer at heart, but that doesn’t rule out the architect, pilot, zookeeper or translator in you!"
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Branislav Hladík chose to study Construction

"During my first year, I really had to get used to sitting still at a desk and not being physically active every day"
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Goran started photographing at the end of his dancing career

"Adjusting is not always a matter of course, so it’s crucial to receive support along this difficult path"
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My biggest challenge was to find a new rhythm after stopping dancing

"I cherish my dance memories, but at the same time I’m discovering so many new things about myself and others"
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Daniela combines working on both the management and the artistic side

"The support from the Omscholingsregeling allows dancers to get back on their feet and find a new direction in their lives without struggling financially."
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Mirjam ter Linden builds big web applications

"I think it’s such a bonus to have a second career that also gives me great satisfaction"
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After dance Anna chose an academic career

"In my family I was more an outsider as a dancer, now I am one of them"
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My love of films crept up on me over the years

"Dance and film are both very dynamic and are continually developing and subject to change"
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From the stage to the lab

"I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to have more than one career in my life"
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The psychology of dancing

"Without the support of the Omscholingsregeling, many doors would remain closed"
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