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What are the possibilities?

There are so many dancers and so many wishes. The situation of each dancer is unique. Some are happy with a short, practice-oriented course, some want to take on a long-term course of study, now that it is possible, and others want to start up their own business and combine it with a course or…


Careers Advice: What is it?

Being a dancer is a fantastic profession. But at the same time, it is a vulnerable one. An injury can happen just like that, the competition at auditions is punishing, work schedules are heavy and careers are short. It is a demanding career, which often ends earlier than expected. And what then? It is often…


Who is it for?

All professional dancers are welcome at the Omscholingsregeling. ODN makes no distinction between the various types of dance or dancers. It is an independent organisation that provides customised advice and counselling, and works on a confidential basis. Advice and counselling are free of charge. In order to be eligible for financial support, certain conditions must…


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